Connecting Exceptional Performers

We are executive search consultants. Our clients are owners and leadership teams of independent companies. Mostly entrepreneurs, family businesses and private equity firms; environments where people -our candidates- make the difference. We search and select candidates for leadership teams in consumer goods, retail and industry only.

Our aim is to build long term value for all our stakeholders: our candidates, our clients, our co-workers and our partners/shareholders respectively. Important key to achieving our aim is to build, maintain and improve lasting relationships with each of them.

At Tracks Executive Search we respect talented executives who manage their own careers. We know from experience that highly talented leaders choose their employers – they don’t track vacancies. They look for companies that match their values and offer tailored growth opportunities. So we match people to companies, rather than résumés to vacancies. Our candidate centered approach is how we’re able to deliver lasting solutions. For our candidates and for our clients.

We foster long term partnerships with both. We make it our business to truly understand the needs and ambitions of talented people and to know where and when their qualities can come to blossom. And, in our experience, it's not always the obvious choicethat works best. 





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It involves, as we say in the Netherlands, comparing apples to pears. Some people think that can’t be done. But talent comes in many shapes and forms, so we know better. For, while we agree that each fruit has its own unique properties, we’re also convinced that both are tasty healthy fruits that grow on strong trees. And crucially: they’re both highly qualified when it comes to quenching your thirst and your need for vitamins and fibers… as to the rest, it’s all a matter of diversity.