Candidate Centered Approach

What does it mean for a search agency to have a candidate centered approach?

It simply means we take the candidate's development whishes, ambitions and competencies as the starting point of our search endeavours, and only then match these to the needs and requirements of our clients. In our vision that is the best way to ensure sustainable placements, to the benefits of both yourself and our clients. It means that our interview with you as a candidate will be about you first and about our clients later. Our goal is to help you gain awareness with regards to 'what else is out there' and what opportunities might exist that you may not have thought of before. So, expect questions like:

What values matter most to you?
Where do you want to direct your career?
What is needed to achieve your career goals?
Do you have the competencies to support your ambitions and what do you need to develop?
Which of the competencies you posess are transferrable to other sectors and why ?
In what cultures, structures, business models, company sizes may you expect to excell?

And only when questions like these have been answered: What do our clients have to offer?