Values & Ethics

We are honest people who conduct honest business with other honest people. We do not just deliver products or services. We work with people of flesh and blood. What may be daily business for us usually constitutes impactful changes in the lives of our candidates and their families. Therefore, in the interest of both our candidates that of our clients:

  • We consider our candidates wishes, motivations and worries as the central focal point of all our actions.
  • Short term winnings will never outweigh the importance of long term relations.
  • We actively support our clients’ efforts to promote diversity and inclusion in the broadest possible sense.
  • We work as a team. Each of us is personally responsible for the results of the whole.


Our professional-ethical standards are strictly adhered to
We owe our existence to the stable high-quality of our service-provision and to our determination to stick to our values. For this reason, we adhere strictly to a number of standards anchored within our working method at all times. 

  • There is no reason to accept an assignment that is impossible to carry out, that exceeds our capacity, or that can be resolved faster, better or cheaper by other methods than ours.
  • We communicate frequently and honestly with our clients and candidates.
  • We guarantee the anonymity of our potential candidates and confidential sources, so long as no joint decision has been made to disclose their identity.
  • We consider ourselves bound by the interests of our existing clients, and act accordingly in the acceptance of new assignments or clients in conflict with those interests.
  • Unless agreements are made with all involved parties, we will never introduce a candidate to more than one client at a time.
  • We act as ambassadors for our clients and disseminate their image in a responsible manner.
  • We view the placement of the best available candidate as the ultimate goal of each of our search assignments. We accept that due to the efforts, time spent and fee structure inextricably connected with that goal mean that we will not be the most attractive party for situations that require the fastest or the cheapest solution.
  • Tracks informs candidates as well as possible regarding matters that could influence their possible future performance within an organisation.
  • Sensitive company information is only passed on to candidates if that information could have a real influence on their candidacy or their future performance.