Executive search

Expect the unexpected

We are Tracks, search consultants with in-depth knowledge of the Retail and Consumer Goods sectors as well as the industry. As we are familiar with the key players in these sectors, we know where to find the most promising candidates working there. And they always know how to find us when looking for a new challenge. Experience in the sector often cannot compare with raw intelligence and the right character, as we have learned from our years of experience with majority shareholder directorsfamily businesses, and Private Equity Portfolio companies. It can be just as good, or even better, to seek out talent from outside your sector, as this can uncover candidates that match the company culture and have competences to respond to current challenges. This is why we always think outside the box and expect the unexpected.

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Majority Shareholder Directors

“As fellow business owners”

We have a wealth of experience in business and we understand how important trust is within companies run by majority shareholder directors. Members of the board or the management team within these companies are not always selected on conventional grounds. At Tracks, we know that in-depth knowledge of conducting business and of the company is essential. Personal contact and establishing a relationship based on trust is so ingrained in our working methods that it is part of who we are. We do everything to determine the specific requirements and criteria to find the best possible match between parties.

Family businesses

“Balancing values”

When the board of a family business welcomes a new member who has no prior involvement with the company, it is essential for the board member to be compatible with both the company’s genes and the family on a personal level. Ensuring the continuity of the company, upholding the values of both the family and the company, and presiding over the stewardship of the company are intricately connected.

That is why we pay close attention to the interests of all the family members involved. We also ensure that directors with no prior association to the company are afforded sufficient space to competently fulfil their role in the company with sufficient mandate and input. We continue to guide and support all candidates once they enter employment.

Private Equity Portfolio Companies

“Full speed ahead”

Investment companies earn their money by purchasing and selling companies and their different strategies to add value also require a diverse set of skills. A decisive factor in a candidate’s profile is the capacity to produce exceptional results under intense pressure with limited resources regardless of their chosen strategy. This is expected of all leaders of Private Equity Portfolio companies.



Hollands glorie om trots op te zijn

In de industrie draait het om de combinatie van hoogwaardige technologische kennis en de drive om onderscheidend te zijn. Dat is de kracht van deze sector. Innovatie is bovendien een belangrijke aanjager van economische en maatschappelijke groei. Bij Tracks weten we dat strategie, focus en aanpassingsvermogen de sleutels tot succes vormen in deze sector.

Consumer Goods

Snel inspelen op verandering

De complexiteit van consumentenmarkten blijft toenemen. Want het koopgedrag van de consument verandert; sociale interactie, entertainment, service en verleiding verdringen de producten in de schappen. Regelgeving en maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen veranderen doorlopend in duizelingwekkend tempo. De technologische mogelijkheden blijven zich maar uitbreiden, terwijl de concurrentie groeit en inkoopprijzen almaar stijgen. Dit vereist ondernemerschap, snelheid, flexibiliteit en creativiteit. En vraagt om continue aanpassing. In deze turbulentie weet Tracks keer op keer de juiste spelers te selecteren.