Ecommerce Sales Specialist – Germany

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  • Independent (Family/Director-owner)

Ecommerce Sales Specialist Dopper – Germany

Is your goal in life ‘creating impact for a better world’? Then this is your Dream Job. As our Ecommerce Sales Specialist Germany, you are the driving force behind the Dopper mission and our online presence in Germany.


Every minute, a truckload of plastic waste enters our oceans. And in that exact same minute, one million single-use plastic water bottles are purchased. Coincidence? We don’t think so. This plastic problem is getting out of hand. Plastic waste never disappears. It just breaks down into smaller pieces, circulating our oceans for millennia to come.

You might know the Dopper bottle. A colorful bottle. Or actually, a bottle and a cup in one. But it’s not just any reusable water bottle. The company behind it, is making sure no more single-use plastic water bottles enter our oceans.

Dopper has developed into a strong sustainable brand with sales and distribution in various European countries. By raising awareness about plastic pollution, by offering education, stimulating research and investing in clean drinking water projects where people need it the most. So choosing reusable over single-use becomes a real option in those places as well.

As you can see, Dopper is nothing less but so much more than a water bottle. Dopper is a Benefit Corporation, a B Corp. Dopper does not just want to be the best in the world, Dopper also wants the best for the world. This means that besides profits, the organisation wants to make an actual impact as well. Major steps have already been taken, and Dopper continues to strive for a better world. Where everyone can and will choose reusable over single-use to protect our world’s water sources. The bottle is the message!


Ecommerce Sales Specialist Dopper – Germany

Key Taskes & Responsibilities

  • Realizing the ECommerce and B2C (own webshop) sales target within a multichannel strategy;
  • Strategy development for ECommerce in Germany (together with Sales Manager Germany);
  • Maintaining marketplace partnerships (s.a. Amazon) to push sell-out, increase revenue and get the mission across;
  • Manage and optimize product listings and Dopper presentation on marketplaces and third party ECommerce sites;
  • Plan, manage and execute paid (search) campaigns to increase sell-out;
  • Daily monitoring, analysis and reporting of performance data;
  • Lining up e-tailers and maintaining partnerships;
  • Value proposition and execution for B2C webshop (EU focus).


  • Higher vocational degree;
  • At least 2 years of demonstrated successful experience in ECommerce roles;
  • Strong e-commerce background and network and experience with marketplaces (Amazon, Otto, eBay, etc.) in Germany;
  • Strong analytical and financial skills, including forecasting, budgeting, ROI analysis, etc.;
  • Entrepreneurial. Takes the initiative to identify and action growth opportunities for Dopper;
  • Project management skills to roll out programs, platforms, etc.;
  • Native German speaker, fluent in English;
  • Available for 32-40 hours per week.


What’s in it for you?

What is so different about working at Dopper? First of all, you’re not just doing your job, you’re actually making a change in the world. We’re on a mission and that ties our team together. Kumbaya. At this moment, Dopper is growing rapidly and especially internationally. Germany is our most important growth market. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hop on board and make a lasting change.

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