International Sales – Scale-up

  • Consumer Goods
  • Sales
  • Independent (Family/Director-owner)

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The Company
BISSELL is a family owned company that has been a leader in the homecare business for over five generations. BISSELL has a deep commitment to understanding the lives and cleaning needs of their consumers. That fundamental belief leads BISSELL to researching their home environments and cleaning habits. This gives BISSELL the foundation to develop inventive home cleaning solutions, and provide true innovations that are inspired by real life. BISSELL’s associates are dedicated to providing superior service, because our professionals are passionate to be the best for you. That’s tradition, innovation and passion. This is BISSEL’s past, present and future.

In 1876, a cleaning revolution took place in the U.S. Melville R. BISSELL and his wife, Anna, owned a small crockery shop in Grand Rapids Michigan. Because they were constantly cleaning sawdust off the carpet of the shop, Melville invented a unique carpet sweeper and patented it. When customers and friends began asking where they could buy the carpet sweeper, a new business was born.

When Melville BISSELL died in 1889 his wife Anna stepped in to lead the business, becoming the first female CEO in America. She aggressively defended the company’s patents and marketed sweepers successfully throughout North America and Europe. In fact, in the late 1890s BISSELL gained its biggest fan in Queen Victoria, insisting that her palace be “BISSELLed” every week.

In 1956, the manual carpet shampooer was introduced, which rendered the practice of scrubbing carpets on hands and knees. By the end of the 60s BISSELL offered the first combination Vac/Floor scrubber, Dry Powder Rug Shampoo and Applicator, and the Gemini Sweeper, the first two-brush sweeper.

In 1979, the first BISSELL carpet deep cleaning machine was introduced, making dirty carpet easily disappear. Then, in the late 1980s the company’s first deep cleaner that was no longer tethered to a water source in the house was created. As a result, carpet deep cleaning became more effective and convenient than ever, and that’s the path BISSELL has continued on ever since, creating the BISSELL Big Green Clean Machine® and the PowerGroom®, the first BISSELL-branded upright vacuum in the 90s.

In 2005, the SpotBot® portable deep cleaner was introduced, the first product designed specifically for cleaning up after pets. Under the leadership of Cathy BISSELL support was given to the pet community through contributions to U.S. pet charities. And, in 2011, she founded the BISSELL Pet Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for lost, abused, neglected and abandoned pets by raising funds through the sale of BISSELL pet products.

Positioning Statement
BISSELL is a family company specializing in floor cleaning for over 140 years. Our mission is to develop clever cleaning solutions for truly clean floors of every kind. Our patented technologies for wet and dry floor cleaning will help you to achieve the highest cleaning standards effortlessly, so you can have peace of mind after cleaning and enjoy your family time to the fullest.
‘BISSELL, The Floorcare Specialist for the Active Family with Pets’

‘As a global company and brand our values are critical. They are the foundation of everything we are and want to be. It’s what makes us tick, now and in the future. They define why we exist, where we want to go, and how to get there, behaving according to our personality and those values’.

Four core values summarize Bissell internationally:
Genuine (authentic, real, sincere)
Helpful   (caring, thoughtful, enabling)
Active     (optimistic, lively, energetic)
Inspiring (connecting, leading, innovating)

Teamwork is the foundation of Bissell’s global success. Besides this, the values and heritage of BISSELL as a family owned company define the Global Bissell Culture. BISSELL fosters people who are competent, down-to-earth, committed and enthusiastic.

Bissell International Europe is in the process of getting from a start up to a scale up. Which means that BISSELL is growing faster than the infrastucture can handle at the moment. This brings a more intuitive way of decisionmaking. Further professionalization and structuring will be part of the process as well as defining the culture in the Amsterdam office.

The desired culture in the Amsterdam office can be described as varied, open, direct, enthusiastic, open minded, flexible, curious, pragmatic, not corporate and entrepreneurial.

Purpose of the position
(Co-) drafting and realizing the strategy, annual and plans (including business development) for the assigned accounts by initiating and maintaining relationships with existing, new and potential accounts (distributors), in line with the commercial strategy of BISSELL International with the aim of achieving the commercial objectives (with emphasis on revenue growth, margin improvement and innovation) for these accounts.

Result Areas

Commercial strategy: commercial opportunities within the focus area are optimally translated into overall sales strategy:
Contributing to the formulation of the BISSELL International commercial strategy from its own focus area with regard to promotions, price, presentation, distribution and product development.

Account Plan: approved account plan that gives direction and guidance to the activities and contribution:
Contributing to the formulation of the account plan (including relationship management and budget), in line with other commercial plans, and after approval, realization of this plan.

Account Management: acquisition and preservation of customers (distributors) has been achieved with optimal customer satisfaction and loyalty:
Initiating and maintaining relationships with (potential) customers, tracking developments and performance, acting as a business partner forthese accounts and supporting accounts in optimizing their business.

Promotions: promotional package has been developed and transferred to the customer (distributor) to be able to sell products in a proper way:
(contributing to the) shaping of an account specific promotional package, based on strategic plan, forecast and estimated sales volumes, as well as ensuring the transfer to the customer (distributor).

Negotiation: contracts are well prepared and negotiating objectives have been achieved:
(Contributions to it) participating in tenders, drafting of contract proposals, conducting negotiations, including the drafting of the negotiating strategy, in line with commercial objectives.

Trends and developments: stakeholders have been able to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to trends, developments and commercial opportunities:
Signaling, identification, monitoring and analysis of trends, commercial developments and customer (distributor, retailer) needs, as well as advising internal parties about these customer needs.

Reporting stakeholders are provided with steering information and are enabled to make (timely) decisions and to fix/adjust account plan:
Periodically analyze and report on the commercial performance and relevant developments related to its own accounts.

Optimization: contribution to optimal working processes within the focus area:
Analyzing current (work) processes, evaluating bottlenecks and advising on process improvements, as well as, after approval, ensure implementation through projects.

Place in the organisation
This role reports to the Head of Sales in Amsterdam.

Candidate Profile

  • Bachelor+/ University
  • Level of problemsolving: innovate. Solves complex questions that requires abstract thinking, context thinking and vision on a specific professional discipline (Commercial/Sales)
  • Experience indication: 10 year> preferably in SDA sector
  • not corporate
  • communicates open and direct, is enthusiast and hospitable
  • has courage
  • is self improving
  • has a strong performance
  • is honest
  • fits a family business in general and the Bissell culture in particular
  • fluent in English and preferably other languages
  • Required skills or training: MS Office, excellent presentation skills.

Competences (TMA model)

  • Cooperation, the ability to work effectively with others in order to achieve a shared goal -even when the object at stake is of no direct personal interest
  • Adaptability, the ability to remain fully functional by adapting to changing circumstances (environment, procedures, people)
  • Need to Achieve, the need to set high standards for one’s own performance, to show dissatisfaction with average achievements
  • Social Awareness, being aware of relevant social, political and professional trends and developments and using this information for the organization’s benefit
  • Commercial Power, Acting from opportunities in the market; acting with a customer focus and affiliating with appropriate contacts
  • Sensitivity, being susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others and being aware of the influence of one’s own behavior on them
  • Planning and Organizing, the ability to determine goals and priorities and to assess the actions, time and resources needed to achieve those goals
  • Flexible behavior: The ability to change one’s behavioral style and/or views in order to attain a set of goals
  • Result-Orientedness: The ability to take direct action in order to attain or exceed objectives