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HMSHost International (HMSHI)

HMSHI operates vibrant, innovative, custom-designed restaurants for people on the move. The Company does very well at international airports and other types of high traffic locations around the world, such as train stations and shopping areas. Their portfolio of well-known partner brands and brands they’ve developed themselves, have ensured their position as a ‘partner of choice’ for a variety of international landlords.

50 Years of experience in the Netherlands and 120 years of experience worldwide, have made them aware of the fact that staying true to their beliefs is the only way to stay ahead of the game. It drives them to create on-the-go food & beverage places with a perfect blend of personal attention, pace, comfort and convenience teamed with a high level of service.

Combined, HMSHI’s 11,500 associates operate close to 300 F&B brands at 600 locations in 19 countries, at 42 airports, 35 train stations and 7 shopping malls. The company is based at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


HMSHI has a bi-focal strategy. The company ventures into new channels such as train stations, outlet centres and other travellers’ venues, and simultaneously it taps into various geographic expansion opportunities, with India, the Middle East, China, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe as designated growth areas.

The rich variety of HMSHI brand portfolio is one of the main pillars under their marketing strategy. This brand mix is aimed at ensuring maximum satisfaction for landlords and travellers alike. However, it doesn’t stop there. HMSHI has a very distinct approach to structural commercial success. They primarily focus on making their guests happy. Because happy guests generate an increase in turnover through increased spend and loyalty. It’s a fundamental value the company creates together. HMSHI calls it:

Return on Attention.


Together with sister company HMSHost North America, HMSHI is a subsidiary of listed company Autogrill S.p.A., a major world player in the food and hospitality industry, based in Italy.

HMSHI has operations split across three regions including Europe, Middle East – India, and Asia Pacific. It has an executive leadership team, consisting of the CEO and the CFO, 3 regional directors (Europe, APAC, ME/India), Food & Beverage Director, and functional VP’s for HR, IT, Legal, Business Development and Marketing respectively.

Values and Culture

HMSHI aims to make people on the move reach their destination happier, safer and more satisfied thanks to their services. Making people feel good requires a warm, welcoming attitude and a love for what you do. Therefore, HMSHost International aspires for each of its associates to sharing the same goal, all over the world: feel good and make travellers feel good. The values that support this aspiration are:


Senior Manager Marketing, International

Purpose of the position
The purpose of the position is to develop and implement HMSHI global marketing strategy, -plans and -tools, in order to ensure effective and efficient marketing activities in and across all regions and countries to successfully win new locations and profitably operate existing stores.

In practice, the Senior Manager Marketing combines his/her own vision and strategic marketing capabilities with regional and local knowledge and insights, in order to ensure each country operates a coherent brand portfolio, supported by a healthy activation ‘heartbeat’.

Place in the organisation
The Senior Manager Marketing functionally leads 11 brand and marketing managers, who hierarchically report into their respective regional or country managers. He/she reports into the Vice President Marketing & Communications.

Scope of the position
Global marketing plans, -budgets and -forecasts
Marketing strategy per location for tenders
Marketing Management (regions/countries)
Marketing support to leadership
Community relations
Team leadership

Candidate profile

The senior manager marketing will go out and add marketing vision, a strategic framework, structure and professional tactics to the knowledge and insights of the regional/local teams. In order to be successful, he or she will frequently interact with the teams, bond with the individual team members and create buy-in at all organizational levels.


  • Master’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • 10-15 years’ relevant consumer marketing experience, gained in a highly professional, multi-brand environment, preferably in food service or other experience industry
  • international experience
  • preferably experience with leading remote functional teams in a non-hierarchical setting

Functional capabilities

  • capable of creating and communicating a strategic vision
  • planner, organizer; brings structure to formerly uncoordinated activities
  • excellent international marketer, brand believer
  • capable of building coherent brand portfolios, relevant to regional/local markets

Personal competencies

  • feels attracted by the company’s values and culture
  • passion for food, naturally hospitable, warm, welcoming and inclusive
  • global citizen, culturally adaptive, feels at ease in all corners of the globe
  • inspirational, persuasive, excellent communicator
  • frequent travel should not be a problem for you