Chief Marketing Officer | Ultimaker

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The CMO will serve as the top marketing leader for all of Ultimaker and leads a global (EMEA, Americas, APAC) team. The CMO reports into the CEO of Ultimaker.

Key responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all demand generating marketing activities
  • Provides marketing leadership and strategic marketing direction across all businesses and geographies
  • Secures the company’s ability to identify and meet the unique needs of an increasingly diverse and globally dispersed customer base
  • Serves as the primary “customer voice” to the executive team and throughout the company
  • Develops a high performance, world class team
  • Ensures the availability of or access to all capabilities necessary to:
    1. perform the critical marketing tasks of a rapidly growing global company in today’s and tomorrow’s market place
    2. deal with the complexities of growing numbers and variations of data, data-sources, distribution channels, media, customer segments and geographies
  • Makes sure the company’s distribution models stay abreast of customer’s decision making- and buying patters
  • Works closely with peer functions to develop, deliver and communicate customer relevant value propositions
  • Defines and maintains a globally consistent brand identity and customer experience. Guards the company’s public profile throughout all self-, user-, or third party generated communications
  • Rallies employees around new ideas and strategic initiatives across all regions
  • Appraises regularly and systematically the performance of available resources, strategies and processes to ensure that objectives are met
  • Works closely with the CEO, the executive team and peer functions across the company.

Ideal candidate profile:

  • Master’s degree in business or any related area required; an MBA is highly preferred
  • 15+ years of progressive leadership experience with state-of-the-art marketing in a global and digital context
  • Demonstrated expertise in analytics and the generation of data-driven insights, most likely in similar business dynamics as Ultimaker (ICT, Software)
  • Strong strategic thinker and business mindset; capable of translating overall business objectives into customer relevant plans and milestones; someone that really understands the customer side of the business
  • Change agent who can create a vision and buy-in to embrace new ways of thinking, new organizations, and improved ways of doing things; has prior successful experience in driving business transformation; is actively involved in shaping the company and adapting it to change
  • Shows entrepreneurial spirit; sets and achieves challenging goals with relentless energy
  • Committed to providing world-class service to our customer base and stakeholders. Driven to delight customers, always seeking to exceed their expectations.
  • Has a leader rather than a manager mentality; energizes staff with a clear sense of mission and purpose; is a true initiator, inspirator and motivator; instills a high sense of accountability within the team
  • Has proven and tested people leadership skills; sets a clear vision for where he wants to go and engages others in a way that they are excited to go there with them; equips people to perform at a high level and willing to invest personal time and energy to coach them
  • A confident, straight and self-aware team builder who listens to internal and external input but can take decisive action.
    Outstanding, demonstrated oral and written communications skills required.