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Chief Commercial Officer
New Roadmap to Growth

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Our client is a leading international player in a niche market for decorative and special purpose products for consumers and professional clients. The company consists of two Business Units, each serving its own client groups.

Recently, the company had a change in ownership followed by a reorganisation which gave the company a solid foundation for future growth. A new Management Team has largely been formed and together with the new owner they are taking steps to invest in a new strategic roadmap for growth.

The company employs approx. 400 employees and is being lead by a leadership team of seven. Within this team, the position of Commercial Director is now vacant.

Place in the organisation
The Commercial Director reports into the Chief Executive Officer

Purpose of the position
Although the strategic roadmap has yet to be worked out, it is clear which elements will play an important role in the company’s future commercial development. The Commercial Director will particularly be decisive in:

  • Sales: Re-build, develop and lead a strong and engaged team of salespeople who are eager to go out and get the business with chosen partners in various countries;
  • Branding: Both for consumer and professional markets appealing brands need to be (re-) developed and promoted;
  • Product Development: New products and designs need to seamlessly connect to their respective brands and thus appeal to the varying styles and tastes of consumers and the requirements of professional customers;
  • Online communication: Redevelop the brand websites, using attractive graphic interfaces and product-logic navigation that make buying decisions easy for either consumers or professionals. Generate the right traffic through targeted online marketing;
  • Backoffice: Transform the back office into a customer service team. Digitise reactive and repetitive activities such as order entry and re-address the team’s focus to proactive commercial activities.

We are searching for an energetic and inspiring commercial leader, experienced in international marketing and sales management through agents and distributors. Preferably familiar with design-sensitive categories in various regions around the globe. An empathetic, people-oriented manager, capable of providing the fuel needed to fire-up his/her teams to go out and achieve the best results within their reach. A passionate brand builder with the power to turn a vision into concrete business results.

Above all, we are searching for a loyal, hard working and enthusiastic team member who works with full dedication to get the job done, but who also knows when to take the time to team-up with others and enjoy a good laugh together.