Resato Hydrogen Technology
Director Operations | Industrial Scale-up

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Resato Hydrogen Technology is a well-funded Dutch scale-up company dedicated to accelerating the energy transition by developing best-in-class hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles. The company originates from Resato International which boasts 30+ years of experience as front-runner in the development of smart high-pressure solutions for industrial applications. With this technology as a basis, Resato Hydrogen Technology develops and manufactures hydrogen refueling stations in a variety of configurations.


Resato Hydrogen Technology has the ambition to absorb more than its fair share of the rapidly growing demand for Hydrogen Refueling Stations and is extremely well positioned to become one of the leading suppliers in Europe and beyond:
Its installed base stands out in safety and efficiency
It has full control of in-house developed technology, allowing for flexibility in R&D
Its efficient assembly process results in low capex and high flexibility in scaling up its operations
Collaboration with local service partners further enables rapid international scalability.
Resato uses the highly acclaimed scale-up methods of Verne Harnish

Currently, the organization already grows at a high pace. In 2023 alone the company doubled in size from 55 to 110 FTE. In line with the business projections the organization will potentially grow tenfold over the 5-6 years to come, the majority of which will be absorbed by operations. By that time, Operations will include Services, a Business Office, QHSE, Facilities, Procurement, Product Support, Logistics and Assembly.

Considering the envisaged growth, the organization will have to ramp up quickly in the years ahead. Even though technical talent is generally scarce, Resato H₂ is confident about the ability to grow the workforce. It has recently organized several successful recruitment events and Resato has several secondment partners, mainly to enhance flexibility of the assembly process.

Director Operations

The Director Operations is tasked with continually enhancing and overseeing Resato H2’s operational processes to ensure that delivery objectives are achieved in terms of quality, quantity and efficiency, all while countering the complexities of hypergrowth. The operational processes include assembly, product support (services), QSHE, logistics and procurement. Manufacturing of components is outsourced, and installation and maintenance of the installed base will be managed by selected partners. The Director Operations reports into the Chief Operations Officer and leads and coaches the managers of the respective departments

Main Result Areas

Strategy & Policy
Translates the Resato strategy, business plan and budget into tactical objectives for Operations. Secures and allocates the necessary capacity, budgets and investments to achieve the objectives. Forms an annual plan with KPIs and budget and executes it. Monitors, reports and steers progress, identifies deficiencies and remedies them in a timely manner.

Growth Management
Ensures that the rapid expansion of the company is matched with robust and effective management practices. Establishes a focus on growth. Gives priority to decisions and projects that lead to exponential growth for the company.

Management & Organization
Organizes the structure, work processes, and procedures to ensure tasks are performed optimally. Provide direction, implement policy and be responsible for the quality and quantity levels, the timeliness, and the efficiency of tasks, projects and reporting. Initiate and foster collaboration beyond departmental boundaries. Tracks progress of a wide array of projects, assesses and mitigates risks and reports to the respective stakeholders. Ensures operational results are not impacted by project execution.

Candidate Profile

First and foremost, a Director Operations in times of rapid growth needs excellent communication skills. At times when panels are constantly shifting, all communications need to be exceptionally clear, concise, and consistent in order to keep all stakeholders up-to-date with the latest developments and keep them aligned with the bigger picture.

The Director operates at an academic or higher vocational level and has experience with managing a production or assembly unit through impactful changes. Preferably this would include rapid growth, but other relevant transformations might also have provided the candidate with the necessary skills. We are looking to hire an excellent people manager who understands the importance of keeping everyone on board and with their noses in the same direction. Co-operation must be second nature to the Director. Knowledge of or proven affinity with the energy transition and its related products and business models are obviously welcome.