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Independent Company

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  • Independent (Family/Director-owner)


Our client is a mid-sized company, globally active in a high-tech niche of the agricultural industry. The company is one of the global leaders in its field. To maintain its position, our client takes investing in innovation very seriously. Annually, it spends up to 30% of its budget on R&D and introduces new products to the global market at a very high pace.


Teamwork is the foundation of our client’s global success. Some forty nationalities work together to develop, produce and market its products across the globe. With respect for one another and for our living environment. The company fosters people who are competent, committed and enthusiastic. Cooperation, pragmatism and a hands-on, down-to-earth approach are highly valued within the company.


Our client wishes to expand its leading position by the pursuit of these strategic goals:

  • Remain independent
  • Sales growth through further geographical expansion
  • Digitization
  • Driving Innovation
  • High performing teams
  • Further standardization and automation


The company is a private limited liability company, governed by a Board of Directors. It has a small, stable amount of shareholders.

Global Developments

Within the business context of our client, an increasing number of global developments will unmistakably change the face of the industry. On a macro level, topics such as environmental and demographic challenges are already affecting the business. But on a business level, global consumer trends, consolidation within the industry and even trends such as the digitization of retail are determining customer decision making at an even higher pace. In order to maintain and strengthen its claim to a fair share of the value added throughout the chain, our client needs to address these issues at the appropriate strategic level.

In order to lead the transition in strategic thinking and policy making and to manage the changes that are associated with it, our client has decided to create the new position of Vice President Marketing.



The purpose of the job is to shape and execute a future proof marketing strategy that will enable our client to continue to claim its fair share of the value that is created within the entire chain and strengthen its long term commitment to its customers.

Result Areas

In close cooperation with the regional sales heads, the Vice President Marketing will

  • Develop propositions with which our client can create additional value for and together with its customers. New forms of cooperation with its customers and better positioning of its products, will enable the company to monetise technological progress.
  • Strengthen the current product management. Traditionally, product features that improve efficiencies at the start of the value chain of are leading in terms of our client’s commercial policy making. In the (near) future, aspects further down the chain (e.g. consumer preference) will be the leading success factors in many of our client’s markets. The Vice President Marketing will initiate and lead the transition that will eventually result in more consumer-driven culture and strategies.
  • Lead the Product Management, Sales Support, Marketing communication, Market research and Brand management teams
  • Select market- and customer priorities. Make the right choices in terms of market and customer approaches. deploy independent analyses of markets and propositions as input for the Marketing & Sales strategy
  • Develop (new) go-to-market strategies in close cooperation with sales
  • Digitize market approach, data gathering, processing and analysis


  • University education or equivalent
  • Hands-on experience with change processes (culture, way-of-thinking, strategies, processes)
  • Extensive, international (EU+) leadership and management experience in B2B2C marketing
  • Gets things done in an organization with mutual dependencies (e.g. close cooperation with R&D and Sales)
  • Experience with capability building, affinity with talent management
  • Affinity with the entire supply chain
  • Preferably experience in ‘blue collar’ environment
  • Knowledge of modern (digital) marketing techniques
  • Fits the culture: In it for the long term, aiming for the future with respect for legacies of the past, people at the center stage of all considerations
  • Fluent in English and 1 more language (preferably Spanish)