The Team Tracks

Robert Jan van der Weijden


Robert Jan van der Weijden Robert Jan van der Weijden

Reinier Brouwer


Reinier Brouwer Reinier Brouwer

Wilfred Karreman


Wilfred Karreman Wilfred Karreman

Froukje van den Berg

Office Manager

Froukje van den Berg Froukje van den Berg

Making valuable connections

Tracks is a close-knit and dedicated team of professionals. As quality is our biggest motivator, we maintain very high standards. We commit to successfully complete each assignment, and this commitment extends to our clients, candidates, and to ourselves. We have to ensure that in order to keep participating in this market in a sustainable way.

“Achieving targets”

Dialogue with clients

During dialogues with our clients, we prefer to get rid of the formal job description quickly. The difference between whether a candidate is successful or not is cannot be simplified into a bullet-point list. What has to happen in order to achieve the targets? Which challenges need to be overcome? These questions are the core of what we do and are decisive in who we search for.

“Our ambitions and what motivates us”

Dialogue with candidates

When we speak to candidates, we are more likely to discuss what motivates you and what your ambitions are rather than your CV. We want to know who you are and what you want. Which competences do you have that will help you achieve your goals and ambitions? If this ties in with what a client truly needs, we have found a good match. This is what drives us, and we do it exceptionally well.

“Creating value for companies, candidates, colleagues, and shareholders”


Our mission is to help create value for our clients’ companies, our candidates’ careers, and the lives and development of our colleagues and shareholders.


Our vision and deep-seated conviction is that the most successful placements happen when you connect talent to a company, compared with connecting a CV to a vacancy. We know that talented managers and executives shape their own careers. They do not look for vacancies. Instead, they carefully select companies with goals and ambitions that match their own values and standards as well as their personal development.

Tracks history

Tracks is almost 25

“Targeted entrepreneurship”

We owe our position in the market to targeted entrepreneurship that has enabled us to remain successful throughout huge changes in the economy and society for almost 25 years. During the first half of the company’s history, we often worked for the ‘big blue logos’. These are listed companies such as Unilever, Philips, KLM, Ahold, AkzoNobel, and DSM. That taught us to work for demanding, professional employers and laid the foundations for our extensive network. Back then, many were young executives and now they are leaders in their respective industries. We have continued following their progress, as they followed ours.

Independent businesses


As time progressed, we increasingly focused on providing services for independent businesses, such as fulfilling leadership vacancies for majority shareholder directors, family businesses, or Private Equity Portfolio companies. They are equally, if not more, demanding and professional compared with their listed competitors. By contrast, the interests involved in having the right people on the board of directors and the impact that each member has on how the company as a whole performs is far more significant. That makes our work more complex and interesting, meaning we provide greater added value as consultants.

Specialization per sector

“The best of the best”

We naturally developed towards specializing in the industry, consumer goods, and retail sectors. After 25 years, we know who the key players are in a given market and they naturally know about us. Of course, we know how to distinguish between candidates that are ‘just good’ and the best of the best that can make the difference between achieving and exceeding targets. That is why clients in these sectors approach us and stay with us.